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"Discover the Hottest Creative Scene in East London, South Africa: Explore the Latest Innovative Activities Now!"

Step into a world of creativity at Lavender Blue with Marika Jacobs leading the way! Don't miss out on the grand opening of this vibrant crafts space - it's set to be an exciting journey filled with endless possibilities. Join us as we dive into a realm of artistry and innovation unlike any other!

I’m super excited for our upcoming Hartspace Creative Art Retreat being hosted at the beautiful and majestic Mon’s Rose Garden and Homestead from 19 – 21 April 2024, and a wine tasting and fabulous dinner being hosted by The Edge Mountain Retreat.


We have packages ranging from R3100 to R3880 per person, suited to participants individual needs.

Starting from 3pm on Friday, and being creatively immersed until Sunday afternoon, we will be covering the following …


·         Complete an oil painting and an ink drawing, over and above the  various sketches that we will be producing

·         Learn various drawing & painting skills, methods & techniques – being inspired by our surrounding landscape

·         Be introduced to techniques on “Learning how to see, and new ways of Seeing”

·         Learn to be in the present – mindfulness practice

·         Gain insight & understanding with regards to creative drawing & painting fundamentals

·         Be guided in creating unique & aesthetically pleasing works of art

·         Have the opportunity to explore, enhance and develop your creative inner self

·         Have the freedom to express yourself and revive or enhance your creative spirit

·         Have the opportunity to be part of a small group of like-minded people in a supportive, beautiful environment


Please feel free to share the retreat details with your community.


Accommodation is not included in the retreat costs, however The Edge is offering a 10% discount to all participants, with their B&B starting at R550 p.p.p.n.

For Accommodation Enquiries, contact:


«  The Edge Mountain Retreat – Cell. 082 603 5246

«  Monika @ Mon’s Rose Garden - Cell. 082 836 7414 


For Creative Art Retreat Enquiries, contact Kerry-Lyn Honey. 

Cell. 082 934 7723   |   |  

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