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Permanent collection

Norman CATHERINE (1949 -)
"There's a Storm on the Bosses Farm"
55 cm x 48 cm
Airbrush 1979
White Monday Disaster Series
73 cm X 55 cm
 "Watussi War Dance" 
25 cm x 30 cm 
Dorothy KAY
"Sheep Shearing"
24 cm x 31 cm
Lithograph, Signed
Our Land / Ons Land An exhibition by Carl Becker and Monique Pelser
Ann Bryant Gallery 17 April to 5 June 2014 The East London Fine Art Society and the Friends of the Ann Bryant Art Gallery have collaborated to celebrate World Art Day, World Art Day, 15 April 2014 - The decision taken in April 2012 by the IAA at its 17th General Assembly in Guadalajara, Mexico, when a special Day was decided upon to celebrate the visual art... Read more
Welcome to the Ann Bryant

The Ann Bryant Art Gallery seeks through its collections of fine and decorative arts to increase aesthetic awareness of cultural diversity and to afford our whole community means of enjoyment and enrichment from the visual arts. It also seeks to promote the work of worthy contemporary Eastern Cape artists. The Ann Bryant has a strong collection of South African art, especially from the 1960’s but also earlier works.

At one time the East London Fine Art Society took over the running of the gallery and had major exhibitions, for example by Thinus de Jongh and Hugo Naude.  The gallery sometimes bought from these exhibitions.  It holds works by Norman Catherine, Judith Mason, Walter Battiss, Sydney Carter, George Pemba, John Maufangejo, Cyprian Shilakoe, Willie Bester and many others.

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News and reviews

Amy Hemingway solo exhibition

Amy Hemingway will be having a solo exhibition in the Ann Bryant Art Gallery Coach House opening on Tuesday evening 15 April 2014 at 18h30.  All ...
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