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Life is served…

Step into the World of Contemporary Abstract Art by German – born Artist Claudine Hauke guided by Poetry. She hopes to bring you, as an audience, closer to Abstract Art through the combination of her Contemporary Art and Poetry. A Guidance system!


The Art pieces are intuitive and out of motion, you can feel the speed, being lost in the Moment of Creation. No thinking, no specific composition; the result often surprising, with marks upon them, yet energetic and harmonic.


The Poems which have been chosen are from well – known Poets and Poets not yet known at all. They talk about live;

Some are encouraging some are emotional. They tell a story, a story of life.

They will give you guidance to understand and see.


Life is served…

The exhibition is chatter about Life in general and in particular.

Life is served; how we deal, is up to us.

Life is served; it leaves marks upon us

Life I served; but it makes us stronger

Life is served; it makes us more beautiful

It makes us the person we are.

Life is served…

Sometimes on a platter, sometimes in a bowl!

The Exhibition is expressive and emotional. The Paintings tell a story of life through color and structure. Take your time and find your story of life.