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Renowned Fine Art Photographer Marlene Neuman Collaborates with Ann Bryant Art Gallery

In a remarkable turn of events, the acclaimed Fine Art Photographer Marlene Neuman has embarked on an exciting collaboration with the esteemed Ann Bryant Art Gallery, marking a momentous full-circle chapter in her illustrious career. With an exhibition on the horizon, her forthcoming showcase is a testament to a lifetime dedicated to the art form, poised to captivate art enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

Marlene Neuman's journey in the world of art commenced with her studies at the East London School of Art, under the auspices of Port Elizabeth Technikon in the 1980s. A testament to her talent and dedication, she ascended to the position of head of the Department after starting her career as a lecturer at the college. Her primary field of study was Graphic Design, and she had the privilege of being tutored under the renowned artist Jack Lugg. Throughout her career, Marlene Neuman has given back generously to the East London community and the broader art community in the surrounding area.

The much-anticipated exhibition is scheduled to open its doors on November 3, 2023, at 18:00, within the elegant and inviting premises of her own gallery, situated at 8 Kent Road in Vincent.

The Ann Bryant Art Gallery will play an integral role in facilitating sales throughout the exhibition's opening night and for the duration of the show, which will run until November 10, 2023. Marlene Neuman, a true luminary in the realm of Fine Art Photography, brings a unique and transformative approach to her work as an intuitive soul photographer. Her artistry is characterized by its ability to illuminate the very essence of her subjects, transcending mere imagery to convey profound narratives and emotions. One of the distinguishing features of her work is her mastery of the black and white darkroom process, which results in fine art photography that stands alone in its artistry.

Spanning a remarkable career of 44 years, Marlene has not only garnered numerous awards for her breathtaking nature photography but has also dedicated herself to sharing her wisdom with others through the profound practice of soul photography. For the past two decades, she has operated from her gallery and Centre of Photography and Light in the Eastern Cape, guiding individuals on a journey of self-discovery and reconnection with the world around them. Central to her philosophy is the belief that nature is the ultimate teacher, revealing life's inherent beauty to those who embrace the present moment and allow their inner serenity to guide them to self-discovery.

Marlene Neuman articulates her profound connection with nature, stating, "My love and compassion for nature has always been a part of my life. From a very early age, I've wanted to be in nature and have always had a very deep connection to plants, animals, and the elements that surround us. I thought everyone had that same connection and saw things as I did until I started teaching others about seeing the light and dark in everything."

Adding another dimension to her already illustrious career, Marlene's third book, titled "A Dance with Life," serves as a stunning embodiment of her raw and evocative black and white photographic collection. Through her lens, viewers are invited to immerse themselves in the intricate dance of existence, gaining fresh perspectives on the world's interplay between light and shadow.

The Ann Bryant Art Gallery eagerly anticipates the arrival of this exceptional exhibition, poised to be a celebration of artistic mastery and a profound exploration of the interplay between light and shadow in our world. The collaborative endeavor promises to be a monumental milestone in Marlene Neuman's journey, solidifying her legacy as a true luminary in the world of Fine Art Photography

Exhibition opening 3 November 2023 @ 18h00 at 8 Kent Road, Vincent, East London

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